About Osveh Sazan Nik Company

Osveh Sazan Nik Company started its activity in 2001 with the aim of producing industrial parts, and with its environmental quality, in a short period of time, it was able to supply one of the top and prominent manufacturers in the field of equipment for the production and transmission of power. It is the manufacturer of parts needed by reputable companies that produce silicone and glass insulation and first-class sets in the production of elevators and escalators, air conditioners, car parts and Mapna Group.
The vision of Osveh Sazan Nik is to reach overseas markets in neighboring countries, Central Asia and Russia by using up-to-date knowledge and machines and employing skilled workers.
To achieve this goal, the strategy of all our colleagues in the company is safety, education and sustainable development.

The quality policy of Osveh Sazan Nik is based on three principles:

  • Creating, maintaining and continuously improving the quality of products in order to satisfy and reassure customers about the products produced.
  • Establishing and maintaining order and speed in doing all things
  • Creating a vibrant, dynamic and proud environment for employees

After 30 years of experience in the production of industrial parts using the forging method and the use of its engineering staff and skilled workers, Osveh Sazan Nik is proud to convert more than 2 tons of steel bar into metal products and send them to the market daily in 2 shifts.